Versilia, Art and Monuments

Monuments of Versilia and surroundings.

Historically, Pietrasanta is the regional capital of Versilia. It is said to be “The little Athens” thanks to its several artistic and cultural works on its territory.

As a world centre of artistic working of marble, it has attracted the best contemporary artists; they create theirs works helped by the local ARTIGIANI.
Many of them have given some of their sculpture to the city, adding value to the main squares.
We can quote F. Botero, I. Mitoraj, A. Messina, J. Folon and many others.

Also the other districts of Versilia are rich of art and deserve to be visited.
We can mention the Pievi of Seravezza and Stazzema, Viareggio’s liberty facades, the ancient ruins of Massarosa, Badìa of Camaiore and other several monuments that you will have the pleasure to discover during your trip.

The Roman churches in Versilia are some of the most interesting and fascinating destinations for an excursion in the hinterland.

With, you have the chance to see all the images of monuments in Versilia and surroundings in Photo gallery.

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