Nudism and naturism in Versilia

The Lecciona beach at Torre del Lago

Nudism and naturism in Versilia and Tuscany, la Lecciona, beaches gay and lesbian.

In Versilia, naturism is not authorised but it is tolerated in certain areas.
However, it is possible to find beaches where you can practice naturism or where homosexuals meet.
In Torre del Lago, there is the beach known as “La Lecciona”, the point of reference of all Italian gay beaches.

Voted in 2003 as the best Italian gay beach by, La Lecciona is a beach for homosexuals since 70s: from centuries, this is a meeting place not only for homosexuals, but also for entire nudist families, who can sunbathing and take a bath in total freedom.

Lecciona NaturismThe beach is characterised by dunes, which enable you to be hidden from prying eyes; on the contrary, the coastline has no natural obstacles and it is the perfect place to sunbathe.
It is a free beach and people have consequently to take everything they need but they also have to pay attention at the weight because the beach is included into a Natural Park where cars are forbidden to enter.
You can easily reach this beach.

Going through the beach, leaving from where the street of the coast of Torre del Lago ends, in the direction of Viareggio you can find: a hetero part, then the part of “I’m hetero but I come here with my wife so that I can take some walks”, later the part of trans, the lesbian part, then the gay one.
In the centre, you will obviously find the youngest people.
However, the entire atmosphere is mild and people attending this beach since years, make it a really familiar place.

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