Sant'Agostino church of Pietrasanta

The monumental church building of Sant'Agostino ...

The monumental church building of Sant'Agostino's church, with the ancient former monastery of Augustinian friars is not only the center of important exhibitions, but also an intense activity congress in ics Cultural Center "Luigi Russo" that houses the local Library G. Carducci, che Center for Studies of Historic and Contemporary Gardens and the "Museo dei Bozzetti".
This very unusual museum means that Pietrasanta has become popular as an international reference point for people interested in sculpturing.
The museum, born in I 984, gathers sketches,models and drawings of sculptures carried out by over 250 Italian and foreign artists who did or are still doing their work in one of the many artistic studios in Versilia. Some of the famous artists that we can find in this museum are: Adam, Bloc, Botero, Cascella, Cesar, Consagra, Finotti, Fonseca, Gilardi, Gilioli, Guadagnucci, Ipousteguy, Mitoraj, Morabito, Nivola, Noguci, Penalba, G. Pomodoro, Signori e L.Tommasi.
Adjacent to the cultural center is the Palazzo Moroni, that houses the Archivio Storico Comunale and the Museo Archeologico Versiliese "Bruno Antonucci".

Sant'Agostino church of Pietrasanta
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