Distress at sea and precautions

Red flag, rules of bathing and safety at sea

Red flag

Distress at sea and precautions.

Red flag, rules of bathing and safety at sea.

Red flag raised on the flagpole of seaside resorts or directly on the sand, means dangers of bathing and it is forbidden to bathe at sea.
Together with the yellow flag, it means lack of sea surveillance at certain times or end of surveillance.

Red flag

The Decalogue of the bather

1 -  Do not swim if you are not in perfect physical conditions;
2 - Even if you are a good swimmer do not force your body;
3 - After a long exposure to the sun you have to go into the water gradually; wetting first the back of your head, the abdomen, and the chest. Do not swim if you got a sunstroke;
4 - If you had a meal you have to wait at least three hours before swimming again;
5 - Do not get in the water when the red flag is up (the red flag indicates a life-threatening condition for bathers);
6 - Do not swim in rough water, if strong winds expire, if there are strong ocean currents, if the water is very cold or if it has a temperature much lower than that of the environment.
7 - If you are not able to swim, you can bath in very shallow water supervised by someone who swims very well;
8 - For any information please contact the lifeguard in service at the appropriate working position.
9 - Observe the rules for the regulation of water activities, in particular:
-- Do not disturb other people (noises, beach games, radio up real loud);
-- No pets on the beach, except in areas where they are expressly allowed;
-- Do not pitch tents, light fires, camping on the beach.
10 - Look at the color of the flag before taking a bath.


Avoid bathing if you are not in perfect physical and mental conditions.
Do not make too much effort even if you are an excellent swimmer.
After a long sun exposure, gradually enter the water and first dip your head, your abdomen and your chest.
Three hours must pass between your last meal and the time to bathe.
Do not enter the water when there is the red flag.
Do not bathe if the water is too cold.
If you cannot swim, do not adventure too far.

You can go to the beach from 09:30 to 19:00.
Surveillance is low from 13:30 to 15:30.

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