Cathedral Square of Pietrasanta

Among the stunning monuments surrounding the Square, the most impressing is “Collegiata”, built in the 14th century and dedicated to S. Martino.
The white marble facade is what remains of the ancient gothic structure. In the centre, there is the marble rose window of the 14th century.
Next to the central portal, there is the emblem of the city composed of a column with a sacred host on the top.
Beside the emblem, a bas-relief representing S. Giovanni, work of Stagio Stagi.
Under the rose window, there is a 16th century emblem, in honour of Pope Leone X, representing the emblem of Vatican and those of the Medicis.

Inside, after the restoration of 17th century, you can find: the Statue of Annunziata, an anonymous wooden crucifix of the 14th century, a bronze crucifix by Ferdinando Tacca, two water fountains by Stagio Stagi, an hexagonal pulpit (by Stagio Stagi, Lorenzo Stagi, Donato Benti), with a marble scla of the 17th century.

In addition to the frescos, you can also admire a tempera painting fixed to wood, representing the Virgin with her baby. The canvas is called “Madonna del Sole” (Madonna of the Sun) because it was revered by the people to take the rain away.

On the left of the Cathedral, there is the bell tower made of red brick, become the symbol of the city.
On its right, there is the baroque façade of S. Giacinto oratorio, known as Baptistery. Inside, there is the baptismal font by the sculptures of Donato Benti, Fabrizio D’Agostino Pelliccia and Orazio di Francesco Bergamini of 17th century and another baptismal font by Bonuccio Pardini in 1389.

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