Sport in Versilia

Windsurf, skating rinks, tennis, golf, riding stables, kayak, byke.

Do you know which is the largest sports area of Versilia?
Well, let's tell you!
It's the Tyrrhenian Sea, just so!

Sport in VersiliaIn the clear and blue vaters of our sea it is possible to swim, do snorkeling, sailing, surfing, windsurfing, fishing and, with a little fantasy, you can organize volleyball or water polo matches, snorkeling diving, holding your breath or with bottles, and rowing.
lt's important, though, to be careful for the others' and your safety, when you are in the sea, with respect to nature and good manners.

Sports galore, from the water to the mountains:
the most widely practiced and certainly most economical sport is bicycling.

An infinity of bike paths allows the visitor to ride in the center, and even to the outlying towns, in absolute safety.
But if you're looking for a more demanding or a specific activity you won't be disappointed, as the opportunities and sports facilities are many and varied: tennis courts, well-equipped gyms, regattas, windsurf, surf, skating rinks, riding stables, and a beautiful 18-hole golf course; and for lovers of mountain scenery, trekking in the Apuan park or climbing some of its wellknown and difficult peaks.

Canyoning in Versilia
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