Recommended excursion from Versilia

Recommended excursions from Versilia and Viareggio in Tuscany

Versilia’s territory is open to several kinds of excursions: it is possible to climb, to ride a bike, or to discover High Versilia visiting all the villages it consists of.
All these small towns are easily accessible by car and, once you park, you can take walks in the nature.

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Families can discover Massaciuccoli Lake by using ecological navigation services. Here, you can look at animal and plant species characterising the entire area or visit the LIPU area to visit “Museo della Palude.”

People who have a sweet tooth cannot miss to look for local products.

For the lovers of a comfortable life, it will be possible to go out on the boat or to take the bus to reach cities of art such as Lucca, Pisa and Florence.

Flight lovers can take advantage of the little airport in Cinquale where it will be possible to rent a flight with experienced pilots.

Sport lovers can see the page about sport and find some exciting excursions.

Bravest people will have the chance to go hand gliding or paragliding.

People who love the sea will be able to rent a boat or to do have a scuba diving trip in the shores around.

Cave explorers will be able to visit the natural caves even if it is sometimes dangerous.
Once there, you can discover the subsoil.


Versilia also consents to a tourism composed by cave explorers or to people interested in mineral exploitation.

Since a few years, mineral excavation is interrupted but for experts, it will be possible to visit Valdicastello or Bottino to find traces of mining activity.

From the blue of the sea and the golden beaches of Marina di Pietrasanta, the green hills and the risky peaks of the Apuan Alps, which are almost at an altitude of 2000 meters, can be reached in only a few minutes' drive.

A generous and varied landscape opens to our eyes: paths through chestnut woods, valleys, prairies and mountains, picturesque "borghi" (small towns), ancient mills and imposing marble quarries.
An island of green and history in a natural, human environment still untouched. So many are the opportunities the hinterland offers to all who are fond of long walks to the mountains, driving and excursions by public as well as private means.

Antro del Corchia


The “Antro del Corchia” is the most important karst cave in Europe.
It is situated in Levigliani and it is at 600m above the se level.
You can reach it from the coast by car in 20 minutes.
Thinking about clothes, you have to keep in mind that the internal temperature is stable at 7 above zero. The duration of the guided tour is of approximately two hours.

Grotta del Vento.


If you want to enjoy a trip (one hour and half by car from Pietrasanta) to discover the wonders hidden in the subsoil of Apuan Alps‘s Park, to visit “Grotta del Vento”.
You can reach it from Pietrasanta toward Lucca; once arrived, continue until Borgo a Mozzano and from here, toward Gallicano. From here, it is possible to reach the “Grotta del Vento”.
Another alternative roadmap: take the road from Seravezza toward Arni; continue until Castelnuovo di Garfagnana and from here, toward Gallicano; “Eremo di Calomini” is in the nearbyi.

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