Sailing in Versilia and Viareggio, off-shore swimming

Speedboat and boat rental, excursions and sailing in Versilia to dolphins search.

We can arrange daily excursions on a Mar-Co dinghy for seven people or rent it for private sailing.
Setting out from Viareggio pier or from other docks.
It’s up to you when leaving, the sea route and how long your excursion will last.
Other types of boats are available.
Get in touch with us so that we can plan your excursion together.
These types of excursions are obviously subject to changes according to sea conditions.
Send us your e-mail address or your phone number, we will find the best solution for you.

Choose the boat for your holidays and discover with us the magnificence of the sea.
We suggest different destinations to satisfy different demands.
Do you want an example of excursion road to have a general idea of our services?

If you travel during the weekend, the journey could be as follows:

Departure from Viareggio to Cinque Terre, through the Gulf of La Spezia: you can reach the gorgeous inlets of Cinque Terre and bathe, being back to spend the night sleeping in a ship in the harbour or in the port of the romantic Portovenere. The next day, after lunch in the Gulf of Lerici, you return to Viareggio.

Alternatively, departure from Viareggio to Capraia to have a tasty seafood meal, through the Island of Gorgonia and looking for dolphins. After a rich breakfast, you come back to Viareggio.

If you choose to spend the entire weekend with us, you could select this option: departure from Viareggio toward Capraia discovering the gorgeous inlets and other beauties this island offers. The next morning, you sail to reach the Island of Elba to circumnavigate it to lay over in Marciana Marina, Marina di Campo, Porto Azzurro, possible overnight stay in Montecristo returning to Calvo. Portoferraio will be the last step before coming back to Viareggio.

Alternatively, departure from Viareggio to the Island of Capraia discovering its beauties. The next morning, you sail to reach Corsica through Cap Corse, Centuri (overnight stay), and Gulf of San Flourent (overnight stay in the gorgeous inlets of Baia Saleccie) and Ile La Russe; then you come back stopping at the island of Capraia.

These are obviously some of the destinations among the infinite chances you can take advantage of, contact us, and we will plan your ideal journey.

Travel to new shores with us, we are waiting for you on board
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To sail through Versilia and Viareggio looking for dolphins.

With, you can plan sailboats or motorboat excursions of one or more days.
We suggest a suggestive tour to the discovery of the gorgeous animals living in our sea. In front of Viareggio coast, (inside “Pelagos Santuario”) there is the largest group of bottlenose dolphins.

On board a sailboat or a 12-metre catamaran, you can meet, not far from the coast, dolphins in their natural environment. A unique experience, hard to forget. Duration: 6/8 hours.

To have an excursion in the sea or to get some information, click here.

If you want to sail by your own, we suggest you a service of vessel rental, cruises and excursions in the sea. It  leaves from Viareggio to: Lerici, Portovenere, Golfo dei Poeti, Isola d'Elba, Isola del Giglio, Capraia, Gorgona, Marciana Marina, Marina di Campo, Porto Azzurro, Montecristo, Capo Corso, Century, Golfo di San Flourent, Il la Rousse, Argentario, Sardegna, Corsica and more.

Talk with us about your ideal destinations and we will think about it!

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