Monuments of Pietrasanta.

Pietrasanta, "The Small Athens".

"What I like is Pietrasanta: a beautiful town with a unique square, a cathedral worthy of a great city, and the Apuan Alps forming a background. And what surroundings! What mountains, what greenery, what shade, what rivers, what fresh streams gurgle beneath chestnuts trees, and olive groves, and orange orchards, all framed by marble quarries along the green!"
This description of his home country was written by Giosué Carducci, the great poet native of Valdicastello, where the humble house in which he was born is visited by continuous streams of pilgrims.
It has been defined the "small Athens" for its marble studios, its artistic foundries, its artisans, the sculptors coming from all over the world, for its cultural activities, for the ancient and modern monuments, for its sculptures, gifts of the great artists of the century the add beauty to its streets and squares, and also for its historic center, considered a precious jewelry case of the Middle Ages.

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