Gliding in Versilia and Tuscany

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If you are interested in admiring Versilia from above, flying over the Apuan Alps, the sea shore, the inland towns and villages, you should go to the Delta Condor Girofly Versilia air field. It is in via di Montramito and you can easily reach it by car: if you come from the roundabout of Montramito, drive past the natural gas station, take the first turning on your left and then go straight on for about 800 metres.
If you come from Viareggio, drive past the IP petrol station, then take the second turning on your right and go straight on for about 800 metres.

A motor glider is a fixed-wing aircraft that can be flown with or without engine power.

An autogiro (also called gyrocopter) is a form of aircraft with freely rotating horizontal blades and a propeller. It differs from a helicopter in that the blades are not powered but rotate in the slipstream, propulsion being by a conventional mounted engine.

Flying in Versilia

Paramotoring: also known as powered paragliding, is a form of ultralight aviation where the pilot wears a motor on his or her back (a paramotor) which provides enough thrust to take off using an adapted paraglider or paramotor wing.
It can be launched in still air, and on level ground, by the pilot alone — no assistance is required.

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