Surfing in Versilia

Surfing in Versilia and Viareggio: from FaDi Surf to a widespead popularity.

If you wish to try surfing, you don’t need to go to California. Just come to Versilia!
Versilia is one of the best spots to surf because here wind, swell, direction, tides and seafloor meet. Wind creates the quality of the surfing waves, while its force and interaction with the direction of the swell, the tide in a certain hour, and type and status of the seafloor create a certain wave condition.

In Versilia the first surfboard was born in the 70s, when two class-mates, who attended the School of Art “Stagio Stagi” in Pietrasanta, decided to build a surfboard after watching a film about surfing. Michele Dini and Francesco Farina used to talk about their idea. I was their friend and wanted to help them in making their dream come true. Therefore, one day I went to a local firm that worked with polyurethane and fiberglass where I found what best suited. Eventually, the first surfboard was created. My friends’ alliance was given the name of FaDi Surf.

Since then, surfing in the area has become more and more popular and today Versilia and Viareggio are acknowledged as the Italian surfing capital.

The pier of Viareggio, the docks of Lido di Camaiore, Marina di Pietrasanta and Forte dei Marmi are places where you can meet lots of surfers riding waves.

@ Pier Luca Mori 2024

Camaiore, Lucca (Italy)