Tourist destination in Versilia

Tourist destination in Versilia and surrounding areas

Versilia and surrounding districts are especially renowned thanks to the seaside and its twenty kilometres of furnished beach to assure the tourists the funniest holiday.
However, Versilia is not only that.

To discover its territory, art and culture to the last detail, you can contact our service of certified touristic guides A.N.G.T.

Discos and nightclubs inspire the night with music and bands.

During the day, you can play in the sea, during the night you can have fun and enjoy infinite options, which attract thousands of tourists from all over the world.

Versilia is also a refined cultural and historical place, full of events.

It is not possible to list all the monuments, theatres, museums and others because it will not be enough exhaustive.
In these pages, we will simply mention the most interesting things from the touristic point of view.
It is up to you to find out new things to make your stay unforgettable.

If you love alpinism, High Versilia is definitely perfect for you.
You can take several walks in our mountains following paths or climbing them.

If you love sport, Versilia is your perfect place: it is possible to ride a bike on level roads, mountain roads or to mountain biking in our mountains.

If you love kayak or canoe, there is the chance to paddle in the sea or in Lago di Massaciuccoli.

There are schools of hang gliding; it is possible to fly around our mountains and our crowded beaches.

Cyclists can do tours by using road racers or mountain biking.

Climbers can climb alone or with the help of our guides, on the mountain walls.
You can also climb in Candalla in Camaiore or in the Apuan Alps.

The creeks of Apuan Alps give the chance to descend by using ropes properly positioned.

Versilia is even the perfect place for surfers because to surf is possible during all the year.

There are also beaches where it is possible to play volleyball in the sea, to run and to swim.

If you love art and sculpture in particular, you definitely have to visit Pietrasanta and its marble workshops where shapeless parts of stone, become real works of art appreciated around the world.
ome of these are real art shops open to the public.
Each church, each square and each street proposes vivid artistic expressions.
In the square Duomo of Pietrasanta, there is a tombstone in memory of Michelangelo Buonarroti, the undisputed master of sculpture who lived in the city.

If literature is your passion, you will certainly know about that here, the Nobel Prize for literature Giosuè Carducci was born in Versilia.
In Versilia and precisely in Park of Versiliana, even Gabriele D’Annunzio stayed.
Around his mansion, and it is probably here that he wrote some of his best poems such as “The rain in the pine wood” “La morte del cervo” and “Undulna”, there are a series of cultural events attracting celebrities from all over Italy and from abroad.
Park of Versiliana enables you to take long walk and any kind of sport following an equipped path.

If you love theatre, you cannot miss the “Festival La Versiliana” famous for its theatre premieres, ballets, operettas, concerts and spectacles of high quality.
Since a few years, there are several noteworthy events also at “Cittadella del Carnevale” in Viareggio and at “Villa Bertelli” in Forte dei Marmi.

With regard to opera, the “Festival Pucciniano” is renowned all around Italy.

If you love traditions and medieval representations, we signal “Palio dei Micci” in Querceta, which takes place the second Sunday after Easter.
The different districts walk in the streets wearing medieval clothes and dancing some dance sequences.
Similar to what is happening in Siena, the day ends with a horse run in Dei Marmi Stadium.
The only difference is that in Querceta, donkeys run!

During the period of Christmas, there are several nativity scenes to visit.

We do not have to talk about the Carnival of Viareggio because it is loved and renowned all around the world thanks to its parade floats and its political humour.

If you are interested in history, you can visit many places!
Versilia, inhabited since ancient times, bear witness to important past events.

everal museums spread throughout the region, host a collection of relics from funeral decorations, agricultural tools and crockery of every age. In the district of Massaciuccoli, you can visit the remains of ancient spas or Roman villas.

Another village rich of history is Sant’Anna di Stazzema where, during the second Wolrd War, the Nazi troops committed a heinous crime: 560 innocent people were killed.
Here, you can visit the Museum of the fallen of this war or the Museum dedicated to the Partisan Resistance in Versilia.

If you love nature, fresh place and mountains, Apuan Alps are your ideal place.
Several mountain shelters hidden in the wood and in the valleys represent a safe accommodation for tired hikers, which will find peace and serenity in this piece of Heaven.

The dawn from “Pania della Croce”, the highest peak of Apuan Alps, is considered a classic in this area. It is a real emotion to look at the sun rising out and softly illuminating the landscape of a pastel pink colour.

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