Medical care for tourists

Clinics for medical examinations and prescriptions

Medical care for tourists, clinics for medical examinations and prescriptions

During the summer, Versilia hosts a huge number of tourists. For this reason, it is appropriate to give some information about local medical care.

  1. Versilia hospital
  2. Tabarracci hospital in Viareggio
  3. S.Camillo hospital in Forte dei Marmi
  4. Presidio Distrettuale Campana in Seravezza

For any information, it is imperative to call 118.

E.R. care. Tourists who need first aid assistance for little wounds, abrasions, bug bites, lesions because of fishes, mild burns etc. can contact the following clinics:
Croce Verde di Viareggio, Via Garibaldi 171
Misericordia di Torre del Lago, Via Aurelia 207
Misericordia di Marina di Torre del Lago, Via Marina di Levante
Presidio distrettuale Campana di Seravezza: working days
Misericordia di Massarosa, Via Vittoria Manzoni
Presidio distrettuale di Camaiore, Viale Oberdan 28

Croce Verde di Forte dei Marmi, Via Risorgimento

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