Marina di Pietrasanta

Marina di Pietrasanta in Tuscany, Fiumetto, Tonfano, Focette and Motrone

Marina di Pietrasanta is a coastal area about 5 kilometers long included between the towns of Camaiore, on the south-east, and Forte dei Marmi on the north-west lets limit on the south is the Tyrrhenian Sea and on the north the Sestri-Levante Livorno highway.
At its back, stands the magnificent chain of the AIpi Apuane.
The beach has an approximate width of 150 meters with a sand that is fine and gold in colour, with a slight decline typical of this place which nake ihese beaches particularly safe for children and people of every age.
Marina di Pietrasanta comprises four locations: Fiumetto, Tonfano, Motrone and Focette. In Fiumetto is the famous Versiliana pine wood, 80 acres of Mediterranean bush. lnside is the Villa with he same name, where the poet D'Annunzio stayed.

The "PONTE DEL PRINCIPE" on the Fiumetto was built by Leopoldo I around 1787, and s the place used by dozens and dozens of "just married" couples as background for their wedding pictures.
Of harmonious and elegant design, this monument is now one of the places that characterize Fiumetto. This bridge was built with the public money by decree of the Great Duke to allow the transit of the troopers guarding the coast.

Ponte del Principe in Marina di Pietrasanta

Fiumetto - La Versiliana

The highway exit, at the toll-booth "Versilia" and the viale Apua, drive you to Fiumetto, the first of the four locations forming Marina di Pietrasanta.
Fiumetto derives its name from the river path that crosses it and flows into the sea, and it's at Fiumetto that you can find the famous VERSILIANA, a park full of pine trees, the villa D'Annunziana and the prestigious festival.
At FIUMETTO, for the joy of children, a modern park with a playground opens on to Piazza D'Annunzio in the close proximity of stores, cafè and icecream shops. A place where both tourists and residents can meet. There is also a park with roundabouts for children in piazza Versilia.
From the center of Fiumetto, two important streets go out parallel to the avenue running along the seaside.
On the south side, via Carducci, and on the north side, viale Morin.
Viale Morin is shaddy and in Summer is reserved to pedestrians and bicycles.
It reaches the main entrance of "LA VERSILIANA". There the Festival has been taking place for more than twenty years and is of very high quality. Manifold are the events.
ln the afternoons, in July and August, the "Coffee Encounters" (Incontri al Caffé) take place, directed with renowned names of show business, sports, journalism, science and politics; or, when it opens for the youngest, the space of "Coffee for Children" (Caffè dei Bambini) where young guests learn while playing.
The large rooms in the Villa D'Annunziana or the Fabbrica dei Pinoli are opened for a visit to one of the exhibitions of figurative art or prized antiques that take place there.
At night, the attention is concentrated on the Theatre: (the outdoor structure can hold 1500 seats) that exhibits on its stage the most famous companies of prose, prestigious ballet companies, pop music singers and show personalities.
The Versiliana park, area of wonderfull beauty, is open from morning till night.
It's the ideal place for long and relaxing strolls specially equipped for gymnastics with the "percorso vita" and also suitable for equestrian activities.

Sunset Marina di Pietrasanta


Tonfano has asserted itself as the business and commercial center as well as the seat of the chief public offices of the Marina. In this location (that takes its name from the water creek that untill the twenties ran through Tonfano all the way and into the sea), you can find the Post Office, the "Carabinieri" (police station) and the tourism promotion office, the emergency medical services (Misericordia), three banks and the Elementary and Junior High school buildings are in the same area.
Via Versilia and Via Carducci are the two streets where are numerous commercial activities: clothes shops, ice-cream shops, cafes, book shops and also restaurants and "pizzerie".
The very central Piazza Villeparisis houses a playground and on Saturday mornings the local market takes places there.
A nearby 500 meter promenade, with its Piazzale Europa, overlooks the sea.
A long pier has been built in Tonfano that extends to the sea and is a tourist destination for all seasons.


Holiday resort among the most renowned in Italy, Focette is submerged in the green and became famous not only for the beautiful villas that have been built here, but also for a famous night club founded by Sergio Bernardini, and today run by Gherardo Guidi, patron of "Capannina" at Forte dei Marmi, La Bussola.
The recent history of Focette is linked to "Bussola", temple of the Italian and international songs and show during the fifties and sixties'.
Here, in fact, have been written unforgettable pages of pop music as well as of the Italian behaviour of an era never faded. Strong thank to his recent experience, Focette is still the most exclusive area of the whole Marina di Pietrasanta.


Motrone is the area the links Tonfano to Focette.
Rich in vegetation and pine woods, (at its back we find the Varenna pine wood) it remains the least urbanized area and, therefore, one of the most fascinating of Marina di Pietrasanta.
The "Guardia di Finanza" station once stood there, in front of the sea, with its characteristic tower still existing, and, from the twenties' until 1943, it housed the headquarters of a "Fiamme Gialle" (Yellow Flames) brigade.
There, they kept guard of the sea and the coast.
On the beach, in front of this old building, some Summer services such as a slipway equipped for small boats on carts, a beach port for sailboats, rowboats and motorboats as well as a free and watched beach with sanitary services have been operating for some years.

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