Thalassotherapy and heliotherapy in Versilia

Spending time on the beach is good for health. Enjoy the benefits of the ocean air, sunlight, salt water on your body.

Spending time on the beach is good for health. Enjoy the benefits of the ocean air, sunlight, salt water on your body.
The sea is a cure for anything.
Drop your medicines and give yourself a holiday. Versilia and its beautiful beaches are the ideal solutions for relaxing and for your health.
The sea, the sea salt, iodine, the seaside air are good for your health.


A list of conditions and diseases that can easily be cured with seawater


Seawater is a cure for respiratory allergies (such as pollen allergy), anemia, arthrosis, recovery after respiratory infections, depression, sprains, fractures, hypothyroidism, lymphatism, dislocations, skin diseases, gynecological diseases, rheumatism, osteoporosis, psoriasis, rickets.
The important thing is to reap all the benefits of sun and salty water. Your doctor should know the benefits of seawater. Consult your doctor who will advise you to spend a seaside holiday that can benefit your health.


Here they are some of the main benefits of thalassotherapy treatments.


…improves your breathing.
But why is the sea such a precious friend? The sea is very special because of the so-called marine aerosol. The air, near the coast, contains a higher quantity of mineral salts: sodium chloride and magnesium chloride, iodine, calcium, potassium, bromine, and silicon.
These mineral salts come from the waves crashing against the shore and from the splashes of the seawater lifted by the wind. Sea air can be good for your lungs: the breathing improves considerably since the earliest days. The marine aerosol also stimulates the metabolism, tones the blood circulation and it also strengthens the immune system. fights the water retention.
Many people suffer from water retention when the weather is hot. There is a significant concentration of mineral salts in the seawater, which favors, through osmosis, the elimination of the liquids accumulated in the tissues through the skin.


…it fights extra pounds.
You can lose extra pounds easily. Salt stimulates the nerve endings of the epidermis, as a result, accelerates the metabolism: the body, in practice, burns faster foods and fat.


…it strengthens the circulatory system, due to the pressure that the water exerts while you are immersed. Its temperature, which in summer is about 20 degrees, and the ocean waves practice a gentle massage throughout the body.


The muscles increase in tone.
Doing swimming strokes also can be a solution to other problems. Swimming relaxes the muscles, quickly dissolves contractures and gives mobility to joints blocked by arthritis and arthrosis. It also benefits the intestine and the kidneys, purifying the whole organism.

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