Mountain pastures in Alta Versilia

Alpe di Campanice and Alpe di Puntato

Each country has at least an Alp high Versilia, where they moved from spring to autumn to grow, residents with family and herds.
Terrinca has several including two openly manifests the vastness of places, forests, meadows and the large number of small houses, and for the presence of the church, the center of religious and real center of the village:
The oratory of Campanice dedicated to St. John the Baptist. The oratory of Puntato dedicated to S.S. Trinity.

Alpe di Campanice

Where converge the long lines of a grand y, formed by the intersection of the paths and bordered by a tall hedge of knock, were both built the oratory of Campanice is to Puntato.

The pasture Campanice lies on the southern slopes of Mount Freddone 1,487 meters high, the locals call Paglino, characterized by sharp edges and panoramic; and the central position in the valley of Turrite Secca, from whose summit one discovers a magnificent panorama that sweeps from Mount High, the Macina, the Fiocca, the Sella, the Sumbra, the Pania and closes with Mount Corchia.

Divided in groups of huts Pian di Mela, the Lanzino, the Togno, the pasture appears to rotate around an epicenter ideal format Oratory dedicated to Saint. John the Baptist.

The Seiser Campanice is now abandoned and old houses are falling, the oratory was instead restored and brought back to life in 1997.

It is said that in the early years of the twentieth century in a summer evening women mettessero a clear egg in a glass of water and that this, left all night on the window, to be read in the morning to predict how he would go next year.

Alpe di Puntato

Notwithstanding the principle that required it to build houses on marginal lands to agriculture, the speakers were built in the flat area and the most fertile market away from the crops, the intersection of the main mule, almost in a central position to the pasture.
Even before 1657, at the crossroads formed by the road Puntato, the local road of the hills of Carpini, the route of val Terreno leading Isola Santa, the boat from the road leading to Col di Favilla, had been raised, for devotion, a kiosk by Francesco Bacchelli, whose marble bas-relief depicting the Madonna del Rosario, the Child and St. John the Baptist. The shrine, still visible in the territorial survey of 1810, in the twentieth century was demolished and his Madonna, left side on the facade of the sacristy of the church to this day, after 1973, like many others, was stolen. Just at this point, as indicated by the squat stone inserted above the central door, it was built the oratory of the SS Trinity in 1679.

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