The typical products of Tuscany

Typical products of Versilia and surroundings: lard, honey, oil….

Lardo di Colonnata

Highly popular all over the world, the “Lardo di Colonnata” is preserved under salt in huge white marble baths.
The maturing takes place over a minimum period of six months. People eat cold meats on bread. It is also available in the form of sauce and it is sold in jars.

The Lardo di Gombitelli

this lard is produced in Versilia and it has nothing on the more famous Lardo di Colonnata.

Cold meats.

All over Versilia, in addition to the lard, also ham, salami, bacon, biroldo, soppressata, cotechino represent excellent products.

Boar meat

In the upper Versilia and in the Apuan Alps, there are many colonies of boars. They can be hunted and it is possible to find boar logs

Bread of Tuscany

The bread of Tuscany contains no salt because of a tasty cooking and it allows the different tastes to be exalted.
This kind of bread is often used as the main ingredient for some dishes, as for example “ribollita” and “cacciucco”.

Olive oil

In Versilia, olive growing is famous since ancient times. The presence of several watercourses and streams has encouraged the spread of small mills; this has permitted to work on olives right after the olive harvest, encouraging the production of low-acid oil.


In Versilia, we have some pecorino cheese of high quality as Scoppolato from Pedona or other tasty cheese of local production.

In Versilia, we have several beekepers and thanks to the variety of vegetation and to the different peculiarities of the landscape, we have many kinds of honey.


in Massarosa exists the only company in Italy that produces flowers of lotus.

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