Recipes of Tuscany and Versilia

The recipes of "Grandma Maria".

A special feature of Versilia is the presence of sea and mountains in a few kilometres. The art of cooking has been able to combine perfectly the products offered by the sea and the land.

You can get to know some recipes by Grandma Maria like:
Tordelli, Cacciucco, Matuffi, Topetti, Spaghetti with clams, fried Acacia flowers and other sorts of other delicacies like Spaghetti with coltellacci, grilled fish, Befanini, sweet Scarpaccia in Viareggio and salted Scarpaccia in Camaiore, rice cakes, Castagnaccio, Polenta with mushrooms or eels, black cabbage soup (traditional recipe during the period of Christmas),sausages and turnips or fried Gobbi.

old meats and olive oil of local production are the basis of the art of cooking in Versilia. They have a very good quality but it cannot be said the same for wines.
In our countryside, the cultivation of the grapevine is widespread but usually, people believe that production is more important than quality.

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Camaiore, Lucca (Italy)