Origins of the names Versilia, Pietrasanta and Viareggio

The origin of the noun “Versilia” goes back to the hydronym Ves (s) idia (the ancient germanicus Wesser/ Wasser .)
In the Middle Ages, the noun has become Versilia by a process of dissimilation.

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Noun and emblem of Pietrasanta

The town is named after its founder, Sir Guiscardo Da Pietrasanta.
He arrived in Pietrasanta with his noble title of Di Pietrasanta.
It is likely that the emblem was adopted since the time of Castruccio Castracani.
However, we know for sure that this use was authorised by Pope Leone X between 1513 and 1521.
The emblem has been the first and the only one in town and it symbolizes a column surmounted by a consecrated host.

Tratto da: Giornale Araldico genealogico-diplomatico, 1899 n° 7-8



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