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Pisa Airport, Aiport Pisa Galileo Galilei, Psa Airport

The Pisa Airport, or more known as the Galileo Galilei Airport, is one of Tuscany's most important airports because it connects Tuscany with several European cities and with the rest of the world. Anyway, Tuscany is one of the most visited Italian regions.
Pisa Airport is the main airport in Pisa and in Tuscany.
Nowadays, the Galileo Galilei Airport is authoritatively classified by the European Union as a “Regional Connecting Point”.
Surrounded by a system of infrastructures (the port of Livorno, Interport of Guasticce, motorways, railways), the Galileo Galilei Airport is today an efficient air transport platform of trade goods. It's located halfway between Rome and Milan and it is connected directly to the system of the road infrastructure. Therefore, the airport guarantees, without delay, the access to all the main Italian industrial cities.

The Galileo Galilei Airport is the connecting point of Tuscany, because of the quality of the airport services and because of a network of air connections adapted to market demands, but above all, it offers a fast and efficient overall mobility in its own catchment area, in line with EU standards. Tuscany is a region where the Renaissance has already taken off into the future.
The airport of Pisa compared to the airport of Florence has a wider airstrip that allows the landing and the departure of large aircrafts, both for passenger transport and for freight transport.
In the '90 were first launched low-cost airlines and the Pisa Airport successfully conquered the aviation market and now it has become the main airport in the air traffic.
From the Pisa Airport, you can easily reach Versilia.
You can go to Versilia by train, by bus or you can rent a car.

Distances from Pisa Airport

Arezzo: 107 km - 66.48 mi
Florence: 80 km - 49.70 mi
Grosseto: 150 km - 93.20 mi
Leghorn: 20 km - 12.42 mi
Lucca: 20 km - 12.42 mi
Massa Carrara: 50 km - 31 mi
Pisa: 1 km - 0.62 mi
Prato: 70 km - 43.50 mi
Siena: 100 km - 62.13 mi

Distances from Main Tourist Resorts Tuscany

Parco Naturale di San Rossore: 5 km - 3.10 mi
Versilia: 25 km - 15.53 mi
Maremma: 50 km - 31.06 mi
Natural Park of the Apuan Alps: 70 km - 43.50 mi
Chianti: 80 km - 49.70 mi
Park Foreste Casentinesi: 90 km
Piombino (Boarding from Isola d'Elba): 100 km - 62.13 mi
Monte Amiata: 120 km - 74.56 mi
Argentario: 200 km - 124.27 mi

Distance from the main Italian cities
Bari: 800 km - 497.09 mi
Bologna: 160 km - 100 mi
Genova: 190 km - 118 mi
Milan: 310 km - 195 mi
Naples: 550 km - 342 mi
Rome: 340 km - 210 mi
Venice: 340 km - 210 mi

Distances from the most important European Capitals
Amsterdam: 1300 km - 800 mi
Berlin: 840 km - 520 mi
London: 1100 km - 680 mi
Madrid: 1380 km - 855 mi
Moscow: 2370 km - 1470 mi
Paris: 1100 km - 680 mi
Vienna: 900 km - 560 mi
Zurich: 610 km - 380 mi

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