San Biagio

San Biagio is celebrated on 3rd and 4th February to Pietrasanta

San Biagio

The Patron Saint of Pietrasanta is Saint. Martino, celebrated on November 11th, but it is Saint Biagio the most worshiped saint rd th in the town and in Versilia too since the XVth century.
S. Biagio is celebrated on 3rd and 4th February with the exhibition of his relic in the Cathedral, which is the destination of a continuous pilgrimage, and the throat blessing - as he is its patron.
But during these two days it is also held a famous agricultural and zootechnical fair with hundreds of stalls along the roads of the historic town center; every year it becomes the meeting point for a great deal of visitors coming there from every part of Versilia.

Pietrasanta also worships the miraculous Madonna del Sole as Patron Saint of the town.
A wonderful image is kept covered in the votive chapel bearing her name inside the cathedral.
The image is exposed to the believers on the "sabato del voto", preceding Palm Sunday, to renew the town's thanks for being preserved from the war ruins.
But the same exposition is repeated on other solemn occasions and important ceremonies during the year.

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