Camel Ponce

Camel Punch in Pietrasanta, the history of the high alcoholic level event.

Camel Punch (December 24th) was born in 1983 thanks to a group of friends. It came to life during the break after dinner when people were waiting for the Holy Mass at midnight; at the beginning, people used to meet after the dinner of Christmas Eve and left from Ruosina in Stazzema where the first punch was drunk. They drove to the valley up to Forte Dei Marmi and there was a stop in each pub to go on drinking punch until midnight, when the Mass was celebrated.

The next year, the departure was even from higher, from Mulina in Stazzema: not everyone was able to go on until the end of the tour, while almost no one was able to attend the Mass.

During Camel Punch someone stopped in some bars, others only in bars on the right or on the left; the result was an alcoholic night and drunkenness. In 1987, people glued some papers where there was written “Camel Punch” on cars of people who participated. Since some years, tradition has it that people meet in the main square of Pietrasanta and drink together some punch; this is probably due to the fact that a lamented person, who used to work in one of the bars of this area, offered a punch per head to those who did not attend the Mass.

The Municipality has never organized this party and it is against the abuse of alcohol.

Since the 90s, this party attracts visitors even from other Italian regions.

In addition to alcohol, there are other drinks to drink and the wish is that it could be finally replaced by a tasty cup of hot chocolate or a sweet cappuccino coffee.

Photo credits: Mr. Sandro Landi

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