Carnevale Pietrasantino

Carnevale Pietrasantino

The city of Pietrasanta is known as the City of the Artists. Here the artists thank to their artistic vein create allegorical floats.
The official mask is the Sprocco, a sailor and an artist, the colors are white and blue, that is, the color of the marble and the color of the sea.
In 1910 there was the first Carnival parade in Pietrasanta while in Viareggio the Carnival was born in 1873.

Carnival of PietrasantaThe beautiful black and white photo dating back to 1912 testifies to the beauty of the masks and the parade.

During the Carnival of Pietrasanta, there is the parade of small wagons because of the narrowness of the places where they have to parade through the city but the Carnival of Pietrasanta is also characterized by beautiful costume parades that give rise to comedy skits.

@ Pier Luca Mori 2021

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