The greatest festival of the Carnival of Viareggio

The CarnevalDarsena was born in 1970.
On Saturday evening, February 7, the street carnival stopped in Darsena with a small wagon, called “Isola dell'Allegria”. It has been a great success, also because the food was distributed free of charge.
And since that day, the CarnevalDarsena was a complete success both for public participation and for public acceptability.
The food extended the event's fame and in the year 2000, on the 30th anniversary of the CarnevalDarsena was born the Palapolpo. It's about a tent that holds about 200 people, in which you can dine indoors.
The music is performed live on stage by many orchestras along the path of via Coppino.
However, other events are currently taking place such as theatrical, musical ones, etc.

@ Pier Luca Mori 2021

Camaiore, Lucca (Italy)