Only For One Night

Saturday, 27 May 2023 - Sunday, 28 May 2023

Only for one night is waiting for you!

Are you ready to experience an unrepeatable night immersed in magic, amazement, beauty, music?

A unique festival of its kind, whose trait d'union will be ephemeral art, is organized by the Municipality of Camaiore (Tourism Department), with the support of the Tuscany region. The artistic direction is entrusted to the artist Elodie Lebigre
Nine hours of entertainment and art, music, theater and crafts, but also street theatre, acrobats, fire shows and juggling with wonderful international artists and many experiences to live. There is only one date to mark: Saturday 27 May.
Furthermore, for one night only, it will offer free workshops for adults and children to participate in and exciting challenges to embrace.
Starting from 17.00, while the tradition of sawdust carpets of Camaiore (candidate for Unesco intangible heritage of humanity) and flower displays will come to life thanks to the masters of Camaiore - who will create their works for more than 1 km together with 14 delegations
national and international - on the Europa seafront in Lido di Camaiore it will be possible to learn the art of papier-mâché, to work with bamboo, as well as play with origami or meet the magic of Indian dance.
Registration is also open for the sand sculpture/castle competition, which will take place from the early afternoon to sunset and which will see prizes offered by the categories of Traders, Hoteliers and Seaside resorts awarded to the most popular sculptures.

Restaurants and shops will remain open to best accommodate those who choose to participate in this unique event, which will see the La Compagnia del Carnevale first-category float Ridi Pagliaccio revived "for one night only", with the function of a real
stage in front of the jetty and will host a show with its 200 clowns, ready to enliven the waterfront with their wonderful costumes and their tragicomic living theatre.

A night that will also see the presence of other young artists of the Viareggio Carnival, such as Matteo Raciti - who next year will make his debut as a second-category tank driver -, Michelangelo Francesconi - who was also promoted in his category and moved on to the masquerades of
group - and Lorenzo Paoli - this year ranked third in the isolated masks -.
For music and dance lovers, Only for one night will offer various points where you can listen to good music: many buskers artists, the irrepressible Brazilian rhythm of the Pedrasamba batucada, the wonderful themed recital of the Escodamè, the very engaging ethno-popular music band Populalma , with talented young musicians who will make the square dance with the popular rhythms of southern Italy. The fascinating stage of Ridi Pagliaccio will also host Elena Torre, who will interview and invite great artists such as Luca Bassanese - a much loved singer-songwriter who, as a guest of the Compagnia del Carnevale, will offer his most loved songs - or the great tenor Amadi Lagha - who has just returned from her international tour – and the brilliant artists Manuela Bollani and Michela Lombardi, who will tell us about the ephemeral in the art of the voice.

The official photographer of the event will be Pier Luca Mori, already author of the photos for the night of the carpets of Camaiore 2022.

Surely there will be surprises. And above all: everything happens… Just for one night!

Only For One Night
@ Pier Luca Mori 2023

Camaiore, Lucca (Italy)