Ite Missa est

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Ite Missa est

by and with Mauro Monni and Andrea Mitri
directed by Jean Philippe Pearson
Francesca Leoni scenography
Claudio Fornai lighting design
video Jean Philippe Pearson



A priest saying mass and a man with a suitcase. A homily that turns into accusation and memories that emerge during a trip. Two seemingly distant stories, like those that the two men tell. One is that of the IOR, the Vatican bank, starting from its foundation, in the aftermath of the Lateran Pacts, until 1986, at the end of the scandal involving Marcinkus, Gelli, Sindona and Calvi. The other is that of the World Cup in Argentina in '78, under the dictatorship of Videla, ended with the victory of Argentina, between games bought and compliant arbitrage.

Faces, names and facts that resurface from the past, to discover that the link between the two events is not so labile and that power always acts for its self-interest.

An invented character, Don Dario, who in his last homily, recounts detailed facts about the Vatican history and a really existent character, Jorge Carrascosa, who reporting the World Cup chronicles about a dictatorship and its renunciation of being the captain of that National.

Two seemingly distant characters and a friendship invented to tell real facts that begin to become distant, and that is better remembered, even in part to understand more of our present.

In "Ite Missa Est" Mauro Monni and Andrea Mitri, propose two monologues that, thanks to the "cinematographic" direction of Jean Philippe Pearson, are intertwined more and more, eventually ending up telling the story of a common choice


Via Euro Menini, 5

55049 Viareggio  (LU)

Ite Missa est
@ Pier Luca Mori 2019

Camaiore, Lucca (Italy)