Festa Pic 2018

Saturday, 20 October 2018 - Sunday, 21 October 2018

The Festa PIC 2018 is an event organized by the City of Camaiore in collaboration with the Italian Academy of chili that promotes the event in the national sphere.

From 2008 (the year of its first edition) the event is held annually in October and set up in the historic center of Camaiore, for two days. The first objective of the event is to enhance the pepper and make known its properties and specificity through the preparation of stands (exhibition and sales) and the organization of multiple collateral activities related to the theme of the event. The exhibitors present at the PIC party are predominantly agricultural companies of Versilia (this in order to enhance the excellence of local production), but can come from all Italian regions. In fact it is easy to find producers from Calabria and in general from southern Italy, as the main producers of chilli pepper and products associated with it.

In order to enhance the artisanal production (without stopping at a mere and simple sale to itself, the participating exhibitors are in most cases direct producers of the offered product.

As a backdrop to the stands set up in the historic center, there are workshops for schools, exhibitions, exhibitions related to the "spicy" theme and cultural meetings dedicated to the deepening of the care / maintenance of the chili plant and its multiple uses, with particular reference to the kitchen.

Together with the festival and the exhibition of various types of chili from all over the world, every year, highlight of the event, is the award of the "PIC Character" nominated by the Council of the sages of the Italian Academy of chili Presided by Enzo Monaco. As a tradition, the character is chosen from a list of names identified during the development of the Diamante chili festival in Calabria. The special feature of the award consists in the delivery of typical products and chili pepper equal to the weight of the winner. Among the winners we remember: Vittorio Sgarbi, the journalist Beppe Cruciani, Gene Gnocchi and many others.

Festa Pic 2018
@ Pier Luca Mori 2019

Camaiore, Lucca (Italy)