Giosuè Carducci

Der erste italienische Literatur-Nobelpreis

Giosuè Carducci wurde in der Versilia, in Valdicastello Carducci von Pietrasanta geboren. Die erste italienische Literatur-Nobelpreis.

Giosuè Carducci was born in Versilia, in Valdicastello Carducci of Pietrasanta. The first Italian Literature Nobel Prize.
Sir Michele Carducci received his chemistry degree at Pisa University in 1833, worked for the company who handled mines in Valdicastello and his job was to assist the miners.
He was forced to work in the period when people exploded mines and for this reason, he had to move from that area.
Here, on the 30th April 1833, he married Ildegonda Celli.
Giosuè Alessandro Michele Carducci was born in Valdicastello on the 27th July 1835. After the failure of the mine in 1836, Michele was fired.
He later moved to Pontestazzemese.
In 1906 Giosuè was awarded with the Literature Nobel Prize by the baron de Bildet, Swedish ambassador in Italy.

The King Vittorio Emanuele has declared his hometown a national monument and it is now property of Pietrasanta.
Now it is a museum and it is possible to visit it.
A copy of the above mentioned act is inside. In the garden of the house, there is also a marble bust of the poet

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