Saturday, 13 April 2019 - Sunday, 14 April 2019

It is the Via dell'Orto: a festival of vegetable gardens, seeds, herbs and herbaria is an event organized annually by the City of Camaiore. The event, moreover, is part of the "friendly demonstrations" circuit to which the main Italian gardening and horticultural market exhibitions have joined, including: "Verdemura" and "Murabilia" of Lucca, "Harborea" of Livorno, " Franciacorta in fiore "," Florealfest "of Udine and" Orticolario "of Como.

The vegetable garden represents one of the passion of excellence of Camaiore, always dedicated to agriculture, by virtue of the particular geographical / morphological vocation of the territory of Camaiore. The Municipality, in fact, includes hill and mountain areas particularly suited to the cultivation and production of vegetables and flowers. There are numerous Versilia companies known for the production of vegetable plants and, precisely for this reason, the event was born with the aim of enhancing them and increasing their visibility.

It is possible to taste typical local food and wine products and buy fruit and vegetable products from local companies in the zero-km market. It is a well-established practice that schools in the municipal district are involved in the creation of gardens, with the active participation of students and teachers.

During the two days of the event various side events are proposed that are the setting for the event itself: exhibitions, exhibitions, in-depth studies, workshops for schools, cultural meetings / talkshow related to the horticultural theme, conducted by experts and journalists in the sector .

Starting from the 2018 edition, the "Creative Gardens - Vegetable Garden Festival of the City of Camaiore" competition is open, open to all those who want to try their hand in the composition of a creative garden to be realized the day before the official opening of the event in the streets of historical center of Camaiore.

With a view to enhancing aesthetics and improving the quality of life, the territory and the city, the competition intends to stimulate further reflections on the theme of the garden and the garden, encouraging new approaches to the environment and the landscape and raising citizens' awareness. to its use and protection.

@ Pier Luca Mori 2019

Camaiore, Lucca (Italy)