Der Dom von Pietrasanta

Kirche St. Martin in Pietrasanta: "Der Dom".

Einige historischen und künstlerischen Informationen:
1223 gegründet.
Papst Urban VI, 1387, nannte es Stiftskirche Gewährung Taufstein

Die Außenseite.

The Church has three aisles clad with local white marble.
The three lunettes, placed over the doors, represent: the Crucifixion, the Deposition, the Resurrection. The door, on the right hand side, has a lunette with St. John the Baptiste by Bonuccio Pardini ( 13th century). The front shows three small basriliefs with the crest of Pietrasanta whereas the other two bear witness of the rule by Genoa and Florence over the town.
The coat of arm of Pope Leone X is above the main daor, a masterpiece by the flarentine scluptor Donato Benti (15th century). The rose-window is by Riccomanni (13th century).

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Camaiore, Lucca (Italy)

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