Origins of Versilia.

Versilia: Pietrasanta, Forte dei Marmi, Seravezza e Stazzema.

Valdicastello Valdicastello The first traces of human beings lead to the Pliocene. These people lived in the natural caves of mountains or in those naturally created by the sea (in that period, the sea level was more elevated than now).

The findings discovered in many caves, for example Buca della Gigia and Tana della Volpe in Valdicastello, prove that the inhabitants were primitive and underdeveloped.
Later, the advanced Etruscans started to influence positively this area and their capacities lead to the working of metals.

versilia Pietrasanta In the first century A.D, the rehabilitation of the coastal area began.

In the first and second century A.D, quality of life improved thanks to the exploitation of iron and lead mines.
In the same period, some marble quarries were born

The history of Viareggio has a different course, since that previously, the area that it occupies now, was invaded by unhealthy swampsi.