Natural oasis in Lake of Massaciuccoli.

In Versilia, we have a natural oasis where it is possible to have fun and to learn the respect for nature.

Oasi LIPU di Massaciuccoli
Via del Porto, 6
55050 Massarosa (LU)

Ingresso LipuPonte nel camminamentoThe LIPU area of Massaciuccoli plans guided tours, weekends in the nature, boat trips, holiday camps for people from 8 to 90 years old.
This oasis is open all year round. You can visit “Museo sull'Ecologia della Palude” for free and walk along palafittes.

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The oasis is open during all the year to visit “Museo sull'Ecologia della Palude” and to walk along palafittes with the possibility of birdwatching.

The oasis in Lake of Massaciuccoli was born in 1985. It is 47 hectares large.

FalascoLake of Massaciuccoli is a coastal lake surrounded by marsh, which has a strategic position along the migration routes following the coast of Tyrrhenian Sea.
It is of fundamental importance also to bird nesting.
Its zone with extended with cane thickets hosts birds such as bitterns, red herons, marsh harriers, sedge warblers and least bitterns.

The latter one is also the symbol of the marsh.

PasserellaGermaniThe pond during the winter: despite the hostile season, Italian ponds, marshes and lakes come alive with the arrival of water birds from northern Europe to avoid extremely cold temperatures.

Grebes, cormorants, ducks, coots, herons, moorhens and shorebirds are grouped together until the end of winter, when they go back.

Il Lago d'invernoOn the other hand, the little fauna of the pond undergoes a substantial deceleration of its vital rhythms: the mai n part of aquatic plants is a group of roots, bulbs and rhizomes because the water surface is often frozen.
Frogs, aquatic insects and marsh turtles fall into a hibernation so deep that they are able to spend several months into the lake floor, consuming small quantities of energy and oxygen.